Committed donors can find themselves frustrated with their ability to make an impact. Lacking the time for research, they give to well-known organizations or in response to requests from friends. Generous donors can soon become overwhelmed by the volume of requests and underwhelmed by the impact of their donations. In response to this conundrum, three families conceived of a giving coalition steeped in deep due diligence, strategic thinking and goal orientation to help fund systemic change addressing social problems. Two of these agreed to switch careers and devote their time to lead the initiative.

In September 2002, several families agreed to join the collaborative Strategic Grant Partners, establishing the common mission of helping children and families in Massachusetts improve their lives.

The philosophy and practice of SGP has developed over the years. We began with informal strategic support and advice to potential and existing grantees and this work matured into our current pro bono consulting practice working alongside grantees as partners. The consulting services we provide include helping grantees develop organizational strategies, theories of change and strategic plans as well as tactical support on key implementation issues.

Once an organization becomes an SGP grantee, SGP staff continues to provide ongoing advice and strategic assistance as needed, as well as hands on, practical implementation support to ensure the organization is as successful as possible.

How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before trying to improve the world.

Anne Frank