New Classrooms was born from the belief that today’s model for delivering education—one teacher and 28 or so students in a classroom—does not sufficiently account for each student’s needs and assumes that each student arrives on the first day of school with the same academic foundation and way of learning. New Classrooms’ Teach to One: Math initiative uses technology to personalize middle school math instruction, reinventing the traditional classroom to help teachers cater to students’ individual academic levels, strengths, needs, and ways of learning. Teach to One: Math pairs teacher-led instruction with 5 other learning strategies (small group collaboration, peer-to-peer collaboration, independent online instruction, independent virtual reinforcement, and independent practice). Throughout the class period, students and teachers move from station to station as directed by a proprietary algorithm that sifts through huge amounts of data to match student needs with high quality academic content. The resulting model replaces a school’s traditional textbook-based math program with an innovative approach to personalized learning that helps teachers instruct students of all levels so they can meet the needs of all students.  The program has demonstrated impressive growth in student achievement for participating students.

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