Bridge Boston Charter School’s mission is to ensure that its students will thrive in a challenging, joyful, inclusive K1-8 public school community that values close partnerships with families and a focus on the whole child. Bridge aims to have its students develop the skills necessary to excel academically in rigorous high schools, reach their individual potentials, and view themselves as creators of their own futures. Through full-service programming, Bridge Boston Charter School will work to remove the health and social obstacles that hinder student learning.

Bridge Boston Charter School launched in 2011 with 72 Pre-K and kindergarten students, fueled by a deep and steadfast commitment to serve economically disadvantaged students in Boston. Bridge aims to serve Boston’s most disadvantaged families. 85% of Bridge’s students qualify for free and reduced-fee lunch, roughly 20% are or have been homeless, and roughly 20% are child welfare involved. Bridge seeks to develop the whole child through a thoughtful model that centers on rigorous academics, full-service programming, and deep engagement with students’ families and communities.   The school will grow to serve 335 students in grades PreK-8.

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