OneGoal targets underserved high school students and empowers them to reach their full potential and graduate from college. They recruit and select a region’s high-performing teachers – those already working in high schools in low-income communities – and provide them with the training and support to implement the three-year college success model with a cohort of students, beginning in junior year of high school and continuing through the first day of sophomore year of college.  In Year One and Year Two, the OneGoal course is taught in a daily, credit-bearing high school class. OneGoal helps students improve their academic performance and standardized test scores so they can access more selective colleges, helps students complete the application process and gain financial aid and develops the non-cognitive skills and academic behaviors and mindset of successful college students. In their freshman year of college, OneGoal teachers continue to support their students via intensive, remote coaching so students persist and graduate college.

A rigorous evaluation completed by researchers at the University of Chicago demonstrates that OneGoal has a statistically significant impact on students’ life and postsecondary outcomes, increasing college enrollment and persistence rates by 10-20 percentage points.

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