Wildflower is a decentralized school network that uses the Montessori model, a century-old education model that has proven successful in helping students develop skills that the jobs of the future will require – critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and self-efficacy, among others. Wildflower is made up of micro-schools (schools of 20-50 students) and seeks to translate Montessori’s original vision of child-centered, child-directed classrooms to the demands of our modern world. The network creates intentionally diverse schools that serve students of all income levels in authentic Montessori environments that are both highly personalized and academically rigorous. Wildflower’s schools empower teachers to act as both school leaders and instructors, and the network has partnered with the MIT Media Lab to develop technology that provides teachers with real-time data on children’s work. Wildflower schools are designed to “pop up” organically, with the network paving the way by engaging districts and ensuring quality through a certification process and the convening of cohorts of schools that provide mutual support and accountability. Wildflower is currently pursuing growth in Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico. The Wildflower Website